The sky was greyish red when she drove near the coffee shop but she seemed not to have noticed it. She was always mesmerized by how the sky made a strange blend of colours on the sunset and found an inexplicable connection with them. But today, her eyes were neither fixed on the road (as they should have been) nor on the sky (as they usually do). So anyone who even remotely knew her would have been surprised for life to see her this unaffected by the sunset today. The sky itself would’ve been offended at his usual gazer’s indifference.

This is my favourite Autumn read so far!

I first came across ‘The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah’ in a random list called ‘If you loved Kite Runner you would love these books’ and I knew right away that I had to get hold of this book! Then, it was gifted to me by someone who is so close to my heart and I had no option but to read it.

As an ardent reader of historical fiction and who had kept quite a lot of space on her shelf for world war fictions (yes! Including Book Thief, All the Lights we cannot see, and Lilac Girls) I wasn’t…

Let’s face it! Life is not easy for any of us right now. A deadly virus has brought the world into its knees and human beings (whose survival has prominently based on social interactions) are forced to isolate themselves. In a highly connected globe, where ‘socializing’ has been given new definitions social distancing is not easy at all.

But like every dark cloud has a silver line, social distancing has its own benefits. People are beginning to readopt the old fashion habits in new ways. Think of this time as a blessing in disguise to do that one thing you…

Methmini Wijesinghe

A tree in the wind, the wind in a tree, all in me!

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